Maurice Arenas Recommends & Uses

Electric Guitars

G&L Legacy HB (custom model) - #1

G&L Legacy Special

G&L Invader

G&L 35th Anniversary ASAT BluesBoy

John Page Classic Ashburn SSS with Lindy Frailin Pickups #2

​John Page Classic Ashburn HH - #3

John Page Classic Ashburn HSS #4

Xotic XS-1  (ultra light custom model) - #5

(#1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 are preferred studio and road guitars)

Acoustic Steel String Guitar

Bedell Blackbird Orchestra

Nylon String Guitar

Cordoba GK Pro Negra

Electric Guitar Amplifiers

2 Marshall 1974X Combo Amps (wired in stereo)

All Marshall Amps :)


Chemistry Design Werks "Holeyboard' and Case

Power Supplies

Voodoo Lab Mondo (Main Pedal Board)

Voodoo Lab ISO 5 (Mini Pedal Board)

Effects Pedals (by brand)

Lunastone Pedals

​Lunastone True Overdrive 1


Xotic AC Booster

Xotic SL Drive

Xotic SP Compressor

Xotic EP Booster

Xotic Blues Driver


VFE Custom Dark Horse Distortion

VFE Dark Horse Distortion

VFE Custom Bumble Bee

VFE Dragon Hound

VFE Rocket EQ

Red Witch

Red Witch Empress Chorus

Red Witch Violetta Delay

​Red Witch Seven Sisters

Red Witch Titan Delay

Red Witch Famulus Dual Overdrive


Amptweaker Tight Metal Pro


Dazatronyx Tsuchi Fuzz

T Jauernig

Kollmanation Overdrive and Boost

Amalgam Overdrive 2

Ricochet Delay

Reverie Reverb

Morley Pedals

Morley Mini Classic Wah

Morley Little Alligator

Morley Mini Volume Pedal

Morley Bad Horsie

Keeley Electronics

Various Modded Pedals :)

Super Phat Mod Limited Edition

Aurora Delay 

Red Dirt

Voodoo Labs

Sparkle Overdrive



Maxon Pedals

Sonic Distortion SD9

Super Metal SM9 Pro+

CP101 Compressor

GFI System

Spectacular Reverb X2

​Clockwork Delay

Coppersound Pedals

Telegraph Stutter

Deadalus Dual Reverb

Charlie Paolo Custom Effects

Bloodstone Overdrive

​Enigma Drive (Custom Overdrive to Maurice's Specifications)

(Additional Gear Listed by Type)

Electric Guitar Pickups

Arnsparger "HUSHPUP" Pickups for Strat and Tele (Custom Design)

Lindy Frailin Custom Hum Cancelling "Blues" Voiced Pickups


Intellitouch Tuners (for practicing, teaching and gigs)

Peterson Tuners (for studio work and big stage performances)

Instrument Cables

Spectraflex Original Design Cables

Guitar Straps and Gig Bags

Levy's Straps and Gig Bags


G7 Capos

Guitar Picks

Gravity Picks (Classic and Razer 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm) for Electric Guitars

Real Rock Guitar Picks (Jade and Quartz 1.5mm or 2.0mm) for Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitar Strings

Dean Markley Vintage Nickel Steel Strings

(009 gauge)

Steel String Acoustic Guitar Strings

​Dean Markley Vintage Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

(011 gauge)

Nylon Guitar Strings

Savarez Cristal Corum Strings (High Tension)

​Maurice Arenas Proudly Endorses

​​​Maurice Arenas