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​​-Frederick News Post, Frederick, Maryland

"The sound of pure magic!"

Flamenco / Classical

​​Artist News

​Maurice now endorses T. Jauernig Pedals. He loves the versatility of the Kollmanation pedal for various modern gain sounds and the Ricochet for it's versatility in truly recapturing a very real analog sounding tape echo sound while being reliable on the road and in the studio.

Maurice's composition named "Africa" is now on his YouTube Channel featuring Steve Vai Favored Nations Artist Joe Pinnavaia. Joe is a fan of Maurice's phrasing style and Maurice is a fan of Joe's legato playing, definitely something to check out.

Maurice now endorses Keeley Electronics Pedals. Maurice has been a fan of Robert Keeley's work for many years now and is proud to be a part of the Keeley Artist family.

Maurice now endorses G7 capos. Maurice has found that G7 is the most innovative company for capos and likes the ease of use G7 capo has to offer.

Maurice was featured in Bedell Guitars as well as in Dean Markley Strings social media page displaying some of guitar tracks in his upcoming album.


Maurice is featured in a special jams below with fellow TrueFire artist Rob Garland in a fusion duo rendition of Miles Davis "So What" and a Blues rendition tribute to Gary Moore called "GM Blues" Rob loved Maurice's playing so much they are planning on doing more TrueFire jams for YouTube in the near future.


Maurice is currently in preproduction for his DVDs on Rock Guitar, Blues Guitar and Beginning Shred Guitar


Maurice is very proud to be a part of the Dean Markley Strings Artist family. Maurice endorses the Helix Pure Nickel Electric brand and the Carl Verheyen Helix brand electric guitar strings and the Vintage Bronze Strings for the steel string acoustic Bedell Blackbird Orchestra he is playing on stage and in the studio. Both Maurice and Carl are both at TrueFire these days and both have high admiration toward each others guitar playing.


Maurice Arenas and Mike's Master Classes have teamed up to present a special Jazz Standard Instructional Video Contest in which 3 winners will get a free instructional video on the jazz tune of their choice. For more info go to the Mike's Master Classes Facebook page. 


Maurice is now endorsing Bedell Steel String Acoustic GuitarsBedell is the only company that has "Seed to Song" documentation for all of their instruments and is very environmentally conscious about their efforts in building the highest quality American Boutique Acoustic Steel String Guitars. Keep an eye out for Maurice demoing his Bedell here and on the Bedell website soon!


Maurice is very excited to be endorsing Red Witch effects pedals. Keep an eye out for Maurice's demos of some of Red Witches finest products very soon. Maurice loves all the seven sisters pedals, the empress chorus and the violetta delay.

Keep an eye out for an article in G&L's online Newsletter "Hotline".  Maurice will be featured in the Players Update Newsletter soon. 

Maurice is now endorsing Chemistry Design Werks products. They have an innovative pedalboard and case called the "Holeyboard" which is absolutely something you need for the road and for the studio!

Maurice Arenas is now featured VFE artist. VFE is in the forefront of the new development of new generations of pedal effects for the modern guitarist.  Support Maurice by clicking on his icon.

Maurice Arenas is now endorsing Gravity Picks, plectrums of the highest quality. He loves the Razer and Classic Gravity picks in 1.5mm or 2mm thickness.

Maurice Arenas is now endorsing Voodoo Lab Power Supplies. He loves the Mondo and the ISO-5 and thinks they're great for the road and the studio.

Maurice Arenas is now endorsing Arnsparger Hand Made Guitar Pickups. He loves the Hushpups for Stratocaster and for Telecaster because of the warmth and the zero hum of the pickup.
Maurice Arenas is in production for his self titled solo album out in late 2016.  
The solo album will feature Maurice and friends playing Jazz Fusion, Flamenco, Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, Classical Guitar and Modern Fingerstyle.  

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